Concierge / Virtual Assistant

Customized Corporate & Personal Use Concierge Service – we handle the details so you and your staff can stay focused on your core job responsibilities!

We're Flexible - Every client is unique - we specialize in tailoring every element of our services to meet your specific goals and requirements. We can be your full-service agency or assist on specific aspects of your project that require additional resources, the choice is yours!

From concept through completion, we're with you all the way, providing professional expert planning, flawless on-site execution, detailed budget accountability, detailed financial management and accurate reconciliation are mandatory for every client, we watch your every penny like it is our own, any size meeting, any size budget we provide the same personalized attention to every detail, everything you need will be accomplished flawlessly.


Corporate Meeting & Event Planning - You don’t have time to research which venues, menus or designers will be right for your goals and guests? There are hundreds, sometimes thousands of details to manage but, you don’t have to juggle them all. We’ll be happy to assist with every detail, from the sound check to the coat check. We’ll work closely with you to understand exactly what you want to achieve and to help you realize your vision, achieve your goals - ensuring all requirements are met until the final moment.


Vacation Planning - Tired of searching through countless websites and links or simply too busy to dedicate the time required for this process? Send us an e-mail, describe your needs, budget, special requests, types of places most interested to visit, dates of travel - we will research on your behalf, ensuring a memorable experience and keeping within your budget, whether it be: economy, moderate, luxury - once planning is complete we shall provide a detailed professionally formatted, easy to follow itinerary, with all the information you will need throughout your whole trip. Most importantly we will be there for you should you experience the slightest difficulty at any stage of your holiday, whether this is related to arrangements already made, need to change something or simply want some local information.


Listed below are a few more of our services - however, the sky is the limit.

To experience the simplicity and convenience of our Athens Based Concierge Services please feel free to submit your request by sending your e-mail to and we will gladly commit to meeting your specific request.